Practice Area Overview

Attorneys at JDKG prosecute and defend appeals from courts of original jurisdiction, intermediate appellate courts, and administrative agencies. We represent clients in appeals from interlocutory orders as well as from final judgments. We have successfully handled appeals brought before the Texas Court of Appeals, Texas Supreme Court, federal appellate courts, and the United States Supreme Court.

Our experience includes cases where our firm served as trial counsel, as well as cases where other attorneys handled the underlying trial. We have experience in all aspects of appellate review, including:

  • Preparing and responding to notices of appeal
  • Reviewing rulings on admissible evidence
  • Researching applicable precedent and case law
  • Preparing appellate briefs
  • Presenting oral arguments

We have represented clients involved in a broad spectrum of appellate cases, including:

  • General commercial disputes
  • Oil and gas disputes
  • Land use disputes
  • Bank and financial service matters
  • Personal injury matters
  • Insurance and insurance related matters
  • Arbitration issues
  • Business disputes
  • Contract disputes

Effective representation of clients involved in appellate cases requires both experience and know-how. JDKG’s broad appellate experience and knowledge gives our clients an excellent opportunity for success.